Publishing and Festivals

How does an idea become a book that is bought and read? Self-publishing, private publishing, state publishing – the road from manuscript to book can take different routes. And the work is not over once the book has been published. It needs to be marketed, presented and promoted. We talk to publishers, festival organisers and literary agents.

Publishing is not a mission, it’s a business.
By Susan Schanda

Karam Youssef and Sherif Bakr are among the most committed publishers in the Arab World. During a workshop at Translation House Looren they taught future translators from the Arab World what it takes, beyond work on language, to bring a book from a German speaking world closer to an Arab audience.

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Publishing in the Arab world: A Mixed Up Reality and Broad Hopes
By Ehab Elmallah

Publishing issues, private and public, in Egypt and Arab countries, occupy a main part of cultural debates and other areas that are directly or indirectly linked to culture. Writers, publishers and editors form the three angles of a crucial triangle in such discussions that have recently attracted considerable attention.

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