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Those Wonderful Years: The Days When We Travelled the World 

By Sibylle Berg


Paris, Vienna, Tel Aviv, Thailand… places we long to go to and to explore, because we regard them as beautiful, romantic, exotic, perhaps even a little bit dangerous. But – are they still? Sibylle Berg’s view is: “no”. The days when we longed to escape are gone, she says, and the world of the 21st-century has become somewhere we wish to escape from. Her pen is sharp and caustic, but also funny and straightforward, as she writes how travel is not what it once was. Beaches are battlegrounds, cafés are bombing zones, cruise ships are “environmental killing fields” with an “optimal person-to-square-foot ratio“. These essays and columns, written over the past twenty years, are Berg’s very personal travelogues. And she’s no armchair traveller: she’s been there, done that and tells us about it soberly, idealising nothing, but never without emotion. This is a highly intellectual and readable “anti-guidebook”.

Praise for the essay

“Nobody understands better than Sybille Berg the perversion of our global aspirations. Those Wonderful Years is the logbook of a journey into cultural catastrophe.” PHILIPPE THEISOHN

Book Information

Title: Wunderbare Jahre. Als wir noch die Welt bereisten

Publisher: Hanser, Munich

Publication Date: September 2016

Pages: 160

Genre: Essays

Language: German

ISBN 978-3-446-25359-9

Translation Rights: Friederike Barakat,