To write. About what? Under what circumstances, conditions? We would like to present a picture here of the literary landscapes of Egypt and Switzerland. We talk to authors and scholars about their work, the problems they encounter and current trends.

On Writing: A Bird’s Delight in Space

By Taher Al-Sharkawy

Reading was always like a gigantic discovery that changed the face of the world, this is how I felt during my teenage years when I got acquainted with books, only to discover later a new seduction: writing.

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So long as those boats keep sinking

By Youssef Rakha

““Was not the earth of Allah spacious enough for you to emigrate therein?”
— Quran, 4:98 (Sahih International)
Swiss cooking may not be as exquisite as Italian or French cuisine. And, Brexit notwithstanding, the Helvetians’ capacity for multiculturalism does not compare to London’s.

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The crisis of the contemporary European

By Ehab Elmallah

The Swiss literary scene seems foggy and blurred to the Arab audience although it belongs to a rich and luxurious society that enjoys social and political stability and that is distinguished by a unique specificity in the European continent that exported globalization to the rest of the world and voiced the slogans of civilization and modernity.

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A break through established structures

By Hossam El-Kholy

Since 1995 Egypt’s literary scene has been overflowing with several excellent narrative voices in the short story as well as the novel genres; a scene that is very rich but messy at the same time.

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Journals versus Literature?
By Florian Oegerli

Anyone looking at the Swiss literary journal scene in the mid-2000s was bound to conclude that the medium’s significance was declining. There were few alternatives to the journals Entwürfe, founded in the 1980s, and Orte, dating back to the 1970s.

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